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9 oktober 2017

(...) "The time Baldrs Draumar will enter the big stage is nearing, but not before Plunder gets to play their party-pirate folk. Like all genres, this genre knows a lot of bands which all do a bit the same, but in a slightly different coating, using other instruments, playing songs a bit different, louder of less. But this label doesn’t stick to Plunder, their music is original in this genre. The band is mainly playing their own songs and they have a somewhat different character. Pirate folk is a fine description, but it has a very own trademark. The music has a (street-)theater component, which causes you’re taken along on the journey with these pirates and it is very inviting to join in. And that’s what happens very soon after they start to play. People join in, women and children start to dance, metalheads grab each other by the shoulder and party along. The band truly amazed me with their style of music and I hope to see them much more, because they earn to be at every folkfestival and in every Irish pub which has a stage." (...)